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Size: A3

Design: Limited Edition designed for The NeverEnding Fantasy Con


This autographed poster features 15 signatures from guests of the rcent NeverEnding Fantasy Con in London, June 2024.


The poster showcases characters from the films The NeverEnding Story, Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth. Some of these signatures are very rare! Fans of these films will love this unique and special collector's item.


Highlights from the event here:


You'll see the print being signed in this video along with all the other special guests at the event.


Signatures include:

1. Tami Stronach (The NeverEnding Story)

2. Jason James Richter (Free Willy, Neverending Story 3)

3. Joey Cramer (flight of the Navigator, NeverEnding Story)

4. Brian Froud (faeries, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth)

5. Francis Coates (NeverEnding Story)

6. Ron Hone (NeverEnding Story)

7. Alan Church (NeverEnding Story 2)

8. William Todd-Jones (NeverEnding Story 3, Labyrinth)

9. Michael McCormick (Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Star Wars)

10. Maya Stronach (Man and Witch)

11. Greg Steinbruner (Man and Witch)

12. Gary Pollard (various fantasy films Inc Labyrinth and Star Wars)

13. Brian Wheeler (NeverEnding Story)

14. Willie Coppen (NeverEnding Story)

15. Frank Lenart (The NeverEnding Story 1 & 2)


You can read full guest bios here:

NeverEnding Fantasy Con Limited Edition Signed Poster

  • This item can not be returned for a refund. 

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