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What our attendees have to say

Really loved it! Nicer than Starwars Celebrations as you can meet and chat to the actors and film makers on a one to one basis. Autographs are reasonably priced, there are lots of things to do and see. One of the nicest, friendliest conventions I have been too

Katherine Hazelton

Really enjoyed Thames Con. have been 2018 and 2019 with son, now 4. He always asks to go back. The retro games, Lego/model displays and the cosplay are our favourite bits. Big shout out to the organizers who make it run so smoothly.

Simon Overell

So much fun and stuff to see, my son loved dressing up, playing retro games and war games and seeing characters from his favourite films.

Sarah Fifi

My first lone trip to London & what an amazing time I had! Wonderful guests, helpful & friendly staff. Really enjoyed all the panels. Well organised & I wouldn't hesitate to attend again. Fantastic work, everyone!

Stephen Railton

The Great Conjunction was my first ever convention and I have been spoilt for ever. It was so well set up and organised, and so intimate. The guests were amazing, I got to speak to Neil Sterenberg about Rian, who was also there!, Beccy Henderson about DEET, who again was there (her braids up close are amazing) and even spoke directly to Hup via Victor. They were all so friendly and I learnt so much about their personal journeys filming AOR. The panels were brilliant as well, separated out into groups with topics discussed relevant to each group and plenty of time for questions. Although I'd never been to a convention before on asking other fans who were there and were seasoned con goers they all agreed this was the most amazing one they had ever been too.
Every detail had been thought about with decor and themed food, the Nebrie cake was awesome, I took so many pictures, I think I just spent the day walking around with my mouth open.
Gutted I won't make the 49th anniversary one but if the first was anything to go by, it will be epic and I can't wait to see what it was like following the websites coverage.

Mandy Jones

The conjunction just an absolute dream come true and I am so grateful to have been able to be there. The atmosphere was pure magic and we were treated to some truly unforgettable moments. I felt it was organised well, and I had a chance to meet everyone I wanted to and get autographs. I remember the entire day like it was yesterday. It was a great day to be a nerd

Hannah Walters

I attended The Great Con-Junction day at Elstree Studios; it was such a fantastic, well organised and amazing day from start to finish - I didn’t want to leave.
Even queuing was fun due to the amazing cosplayers who were so creative & talented so it was nice to chat and get photos whilst we nervously/excitedly waited to go in.
To be where The Dark Crystal had been filmed and hear the stories from all those involved was fantastic. To then get a group photo with them all & speak to them/get autographs was truly unforgettable. I have made many new friends/contacts as a result of attending & love the community groups and podcasts I have listened to regularly since after the show. I have finally found a group who share the same passion, love & deep appreciation and The Great Con-Junction has totally brought us together! The theming, posters, food, cakes & attending puppets were brilliant.
The stage talks were so interesting and brilliantly led by Tobias who asked lots of juicy questions. To Zay, her team and everyone involved putting together a great event — thankyou!

Simon Brooks

The Great Con-Junction at Elstree was amazing! My ten year old self was elated to see all of the voice actors, actors, puppeteers, and visionaries behind my favorite film! The convention ran very smoothly, the staff was very helpful, and the panels were great! I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing the puppets and puppeteers from “The Age of Resistance”. Overall it was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Bret Rummelhart

In February 2020 we attended The Great Con-Junction. The organisers put together a convention that felt like a family reunion. People who hadn't seen each other in over 30 years let us as attendees join in the sheer Joy of celebrating what they created and brought to life. If Jim Henson has a legacy, it's to bring people together, through learning, through humor, through Joy. This con honoured him and everyone who made the Dark Crystal franchise come to life at Elstree Studios.

I've been waiting for a Dark Crystal convention ever since the film first came out. It was wonderful to meet and chat with so many people from the original film and the new series. Amazing to have them all in the same place. It was a magical day.

Ian Ayliffe

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